Apr 3, 2016

Spring is Here: A Peek Inside of the Morning Work for March and April

I was really hoping to say it is Spring and the weather is beginning to feel great, but, today feels colder than most typical winter days around here. However, it is time to start exploring the March and April Morning Work.  As you can see it is filled with pictures of sunshine, flowers and rainbows.  I just hope after a day or two the weather lives up to it.  Let's take a look.

As usual, the Morning Work for Students with Autism provides hands-on activities for students.  This March and April edition is no different. Here students can complete a task related to spring related words. 

They can cut the items themselves, or you can have the items pre-cut for them.

Keep their  hands busy and keep them focused.

They can work on reading, cutting, gluing, matching and coloring skills all at once.

This activity was fun.

Next, there is a page on descriptive words where the student can match the phrase to the picture.

And, what would a spring resource be without a rainbow?  On this page, they simply color in the rainbow, then draw a line to match the individual letters in the word "spring."

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The page with "Wh" questions provides an opportunity for students to show what they know about spring weather.

These work great for students with limited handwriting skills, young students and those with special needs.  They can still practice skills and show what they know without the requirement of too much writing.

Enjoy your Spring!!!

 March and April Morning Work
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