Aug 1, 2014

Teacher as a Leader Series (Part 9: Writing a Behavior Intervention Plan)

Behavior plans are needed for a number of reasons and may vary in intensity and scope. A Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP or BP) is a written list of strategies and supports for an individual that encourages appropriate behaviors and discourages inappropriate behaviors. A Behavior Intervention Plan is created AFTER a Functional Behavior Assessment is conducted which helps identify the function of the behavior. A BIP or set of strategies should be written for each targeted behavior. Since each behavior may serve a different function for the student, your response should vary based on the function of the behavior. 
The Teacher as a Leader Presentation Part 9

There are many ways to write a Behavior Intervention Plan. Work with your school team to determine the best style of plan for each individual student. In either case, the plan should focus on two key elements. See the two elements and the slides that describe them below.
Strategies to Increase Appropriate Behaviors
A slide from the presentation.

Strategies to Decrease Inappropriate Behaviors
To see more, click on the above picture of the slide.

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