Jul 31, 2014

Responding to Each Behavior Function

The Teacher as a Leader Series (Part 8: Responding to Each Behavior Function) discusses ideas to think about when responding to behaviors. This series is downloadable and available for you to present to your school team. It provides a beginning step to analyzing your response to challenging behaviors. We know from the previous post that it is critical that we identify the function and root cause for the behavior. Here is the next step.

After you have identified the function or at least have a good idea of what you think the function of the behavior may be, then it will be time to come up with some solutions to address the target behavior. 
Depending on the function of the behavior, your response will be different.
Each of these suggestions that will be provided are only some of many possible solutions for a Behavior Intervention Plan. Please know that this is only a small portion of what there is to know regarding interventions.
Talk with your team to determine the specific interventions that may work for your specific student.

With any Behavior Intervention Plan, it will be important to inform other staff members in the school and family members about the techniques you will be using, so that they are on the same page.  

Here is a sample of the presentation slides that aim to help participants think about how they are responding to behaviors based on  the function.

 Escape/avoidance behavior:
•Did I put in place Positive Behavior Supports?
•Did I provide a scheduled “escape” before the student engaged in the behavior?
•Did I decrease the difficulty of the activity, then gradually increase the difficulty as the students does better?
•Did I teach the student how to request a break appropriately?
•Did I remember to not stop the activity just because of the behavior?
A slide from the presentation.

The Teacher as a Leader Series (Part 8: Responding to Each Behavior Function) includes handouts that you can give to the individuals you are providing professional development.

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