Nov 16, 2014

Preparing for Family Gatherings and November Lesson Ideas

The holiday lesson plans are already due! November has come and almost gone.  It is hard to believe that this is the time to start preparing our kiddos with autism or other communication needs for family gatherings and large crowds. I guess the biggest obstacle for helping with this skill is recognizing that we do need to help with this skill.

One of the first things we can do is to teach social scripts related to the gathering or social event. This would let the students know some of the language to listen out for and some ways to respond to common phrases they may hear at the family gathering. 

The second thing that could be done is to role play the situation. This could involve identifying different scenarios from sitting at the table and passing food to what to do when a someone else wants to watch a different tv show.  The types of challenges that need to be addressed will vary with the child.  Each child may have an issue they have dealt within the past at family gatherings. Just ask their parents if there is anything specific.  The goal would be to give the child several options for dealing with that challenge. Also, we want to to give them the language to express themselves.

A third option would be to write a social story specific to the child or teens needs.  Here is a link with ideas on how to write a social story. A social story is a personalized story that helps an individual know what to expect in a social situation.  Social stories do not ensure that there are no challenges.  However, they do offer some insight to the person about what the expectations are for the social situation.

If you are still looking for lesson ideas for  November, here are the activity ideas related to Thanksgiving. 

After you check out the lesson plan printables, click over to the freebie for the Turkey Matching File Folder.

 Turkey File Folder Game Freebie

Don't forget this cute 1:1 correspondence pumpkin counting activity with differentiated task cards!

 Pumpkin Counting with 1:1 Corresponence
                                                            Pumpkin Counting Activity

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