Jan 19, 2016

Start the year prepared!!! (A Free Behavior Support Checklist, Making Transitions in the Classroom Easier, Printables for February & More)

Happy New Year!

January is starting out to be a grand month.  Many new things are in store for the new year. Autism Classroom wants to start the year prepared!!!! There are a few new and favorite classroom supports that can help out in January and February.  Let's take a look.

For those of us who work with students who have difficulty with transitions which will...

-Assist smoother transitions with visual supports.
-Clarify time limits and expectations using a visual count down board.
-Make a simple contract with a “First, Then” board.
-Help students tolerate unfavorable activities with the help of a transition bin.
-Use a poster to remind your team to verbally state when a transition will occur.
-Show a topic board with the various activities that will occur during the lesson to help students know when the lesson will be over.

For anyone looking to figure out a strategy to decrease challenging

behaviors, try this FREEBIE:

If you need Printables for Teens with Special Needs:

This one might be more for the teachers than the students.  These are adult
coloring pages with Civil Rights terms and vocabulary:

For those interested in teaching character education, these printables ask

students to 
practice spelling and defining words related to personal


Also new… Data Binder Covers 

Start the year off prepared.  I hope you have a great January...and February!



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