Mar 7, 2016

Looking Forward to Spring with File Folders, Language Lessons and More

File Folder Game: Spring Matching
I am not sure about you, but I am looking forward to Spring.  I like the mild weather and the sun shining more and more in the sky. It is a great time to build some vocabulary skills in our students with motivating real life topics.  Who wouldn't want to learn words like butterfly and frog with a real butterfly or frog sitting there looking at you?  And what is more fun than learning about rain and mud in the real rain and mud?  With that, I decided today to show some of these spring materials that have been hiding for a while. Maybe they can support teaching efforts.  First, there is the
Autism File Folder Games: Spring Matching 

These are a set of file folder games with flowers, umbrellas and raindrops. Super cute images!!!

Next, there is my Spring Picture to Word Match (Match, Trace and Write)

This set includes 16 Spring related sight words and pictures. Each page has 2 cards. Laminate the page, cut the rectangular card and have students:

a. Say or point to the word.
b. Match the correct picture to the word.
c. Trace the word.
d. Write the word.

Also, there is a fun file folder with cute egg designs:  Egg Hunt File Folder

Finally we cannot forget about Autism Lesson Plan Printables for Autism Support and Special Education Classrooms

 Click Image for Link

These lessons include langauge support printables related to: Spring, April, Weather, May, Flowers, Cinco De Mayo, June, Graduation.

The cover has been updated for this resource. The old cover is below.

Former Cover for this Product

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