Mar 12, 2016

Language Based Activities and Printables for Spring

Who is ready for Spring themed lessons?  I think it's time. These language based lessons have a spring theme.  They cover a variety of spring topics including weather, Cinco de Mayo, graduation and others.

There are  printables about flowers as well.  Students can count flowers and select the correct number.  They can also search for the beginning letter "f" as the class discusses the spelling of the word "flower."

I decided to include many activities that have bunnies, butterflies and flowers among other fun spring things that kids like to talk about. In this one, the teacher reads the poem and the student has to cut out the pictures of the bunny and place the bunny high or low when the teacher asks. Teachers can emphasis "high" and "low" before, during and after the activity.

Don't forget the spring weather bonus file folder game!

These activities highlight the match to same activities that are in the resource.  Students can practice cutting as well as matching with this task.

Finally, for June, the printables include pictures that can be colored in and cut out to make a Father's Day card.

The printables are available now.

Spring Lesson Plan Printables

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