Jul 26, 2014

Be a Leader at Positive Behavior Supports

We know that one of the major, major challenges teachers of students with special needs experience is in the area of behavior. Many times the behavior can get in the way of the learning. But it doesn't have to.  The best case situation would be to develop a way to stop the behaviors before they get started. To do many things on the front end so that the behaviors never get started. For example a few items from this list may start the process of increasing appropriate behaviors in your students.  

·         Consistent routines for activities 
·         Pre-made and prepared activities 
·         Pre-assigned roles and responsibilities throughout the day for staff members
·         Pre-determined areas for activities (so that students will know where to go)
·         Limited auditory distractions 
·         Limited visual distractions
·         Proximity control
·         Visually label areas of the classroom
·         Make expectations clear by using PCS

Be a leader at teaching co-workers about positive behavior supports. This fourth Teacher as a Leader Series for Special Education Teachers topic helps to explain a few ideas for including positive behavior supports. This editable presentation can be used to provide professional development to your team. This training gives preventative measures that adults could use to try to influence positive behaviors in students.

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