Jul 29, 2014

The Teacher as a Leader Series (Part 6: Recording Behavior)

The Teacher as a Leader Series Part 6 Recording Behaviors is a presentation that educators can use to discusses how to record behaviors to get a better sense of how often they are occurring.  In order to come up with a good plan for behaviors, you are going to want to ask yourself “What am I dealing with?”

It is important record the behaviors for a number of reasons:
       So that you know what is happening.
       So that you can share your information with others. Administrators like and can understand numbers!
       So that you have facts.  Numbers speak better than opinions.
       So that you can begin to start observing for that specific behavior. 

Recording behaviors can be overwhelming if you let it.  If you have a person with many behaviors, it is helpful to only work on a few behaviors at a time (maybe 1 or 2) in order to be truly effective. To address all at one time will burn you out.  To observe and keep good data, you will need to determine what type of monitoring sheet or data sheet you will need.  Try this link for some ideas:


The Teacher as a Leader Series Part 6 presentation outlines some examples of specific target behaviors and options for collecting data on that behavior (similar to the example in the link.) 

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