Jul 21, 2015

Fine Motor Skill Sequence for Students Learning Fine Motor Skills

Fine Motor is an area addressed in many general education classrooms and special education classrooms.  There are often a great number of skills kids need when addressing this area. Throughout the years I have provided information  related to a sequential method for addressing fine motor skills. But just last year, I was able to put all of that info together in a uniform and concise package. This is the end result...

Autism, Special Education, Kindergarten- Fine Motor Task Cards

These task cards are for working on fine motor skills.  Each page contains two cards.  The pages can be laminated and them used with dry erase markers or play dough, etc. 

Often, it helps to teach students these skills in a sequenced order.  This is my favorite set of steps that I was taught by an occupational therapist years ago.

Tracing horizontal lines

Tracing vertical lines

Tracing curved lines

Tracing crosses

Tracing slanted lines

Tracing the letters T, V, O, C

These items are all included along with a set of cards without words.


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