Jul 26, 2015

We Mastered Tracing and Imitating Lines...Now What?

At this point, I might as well continue discussing the other fine motor supports that are available through Autism Classroom.  The other posts discussed tracing lines, curves and shapes, but what do you do when those skills are mastered?  Well... work on the alphabet of course!

Here are the remaining fine motor skill builders from Autism Classroom.  The first is

Autism, Special Education, Kindergarten- ABC-123 Writing Task Cards

These are for building skills in  tracing the alphabet and in tracing numbers. Uppercase and lowercase dashed print numbers are included. They come two on a page and can be cut to created a half-page size task card.  This makes it easy to choose the letters you want.  For example, the specific letters in a student's name can be used to help him or her begin to write his or her name.  Additionally, there is a bonus set with "bubble" font so that students can trace inside or use playdough to make letters.

Autism, Special Ed., Kindergarten Fine Motor Imitation Task Cards (ABC's)


Similar, but slightly different are the ABC Motor Imitation Task Cards.  These task cards and printables require the student to see the alphabet letter on one side, then trace it in the empty spot on the other side. The printable has 5 letters on the page, to allow for 5 trials on one page. To see more click on the picture below.

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