Jul 24, 2015

Teaching Fine Motor Imitation with Lines and Shapes

Once I discovered this idea of creating task cards, I rolled with it. I decided tho use them to address fine motor imitation skills.  These are task cards and printables that work on drawing lines, curves, and shapes. 

Task Cards

Using the task cards, students will see one image on the left and will have to draw the same thing on the right.  Each page holds two cards that can be laminated (for best results use cards stock) and cut in half to make two task cards.  Once laminated, dry erase markers can be used. Or, they can be placed in a plastic sheet protector and used with a dry erase marker. 

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The printables include a space for the student to complete 5 trials of a skill on one sheet of paper. These would be best printed out on regular paper if you want to photo copy them.  This way an instructor could record 5 trials at one time. One of the things I like is that there is one plain white background set (to save ink) and one blank worksheet that can be used for any skill you may want to work on that day.

The resource includes directions printed at the top of the pages to help those instructing remember what to say to cue the response. The resource also includes:

Horizontal lines
Vertical lines
Curved lines
Slanted lines
Letters T,V,O, C

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